Thursday, 29 July 2010

Door Knocker Friday

This rather impressive door knocker can be found at the North entrance of Durham cathedral in the North of England. If I remember rightly it's about 2ft across. It's on the 'Sanctuary Gate' where criminals could escape the clutches of the law by entering the cathedral. However, after 37 days they had to leave for the docks and be expatriated to the New World, where, within a month they'd either starve to death, die of dysentery or be eaten by the natives.

Some swaggering dandy in the 18th century decided to use it for target practice and left his mark for all eternity. I'm betting he was a complete wanker and his descenants are now driving Porsches.
Still, not a bad shot.

It has nothing to do with motorcycles. It was made in the 12th century. It is very old. I like it very much.

Just thought I'd post this for people who hadn't seen it before, if nothing else it proves that there's a lot of cool old shit out there.

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